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13 October 2007 @ 11:07 am
I'm trying to hammer out a schedule for next semester (while abroad, no less!) and was just wondering if anyone had opinions about these professors:

Faller, Askay, Hogan, Baillie, or Donkel for PHL 220 Ethics. Ideally, I'd love to have Santana but if his class fill up fast (as they seem to do) I'll have to take one of these others. I'm a junior, so hopefully I'll be able to register soon enough that I'll get in.

Gorsek for Cultural Geography--has anyone taken this class? I need a couple more upper division CAS classes for my core, and this looks interesting but has gotten mixed reviews on Rate My Professors.

Any of the history professors-- there's a bunch, so I won't list them all. Rather, has anyone taken an upper division hist. class they really enjoyed? I'm really open for anything.

Also, is anyone else here doing an Environmental Science minor? It looks like some of the classes that I can choose from have been dropped and aren't being taught anymore; just wondering what other people are doing. I'll probably e-mail the head of the dept. to ask more about that.

Thanks everyone! Hope you're all enjoying fall break.
Niftynikki03niftynikki03 on October 14th, 2007 01:24 am (UTC)
I took Bailie for PHL 220 and loved it. He spent most of the time bitching about his ex wife, and his accent was hilarious.

Gorsek is good, and easy going. The class itself is boring though, so be prepared.

I had Els for history.. he was tough.. there was a lot of reading, and the classes were all lecture, but he was fair about grading.

Thats all I have.. hope it helps
mmoonstarsmmoonstars on October 16th, 2007 06:01 am (UTC)
Eifler for history is good, but I only took 210 from him.

I hear that the Cultural geography class sucks a lot of work for such a boring class especially if you are just trying to fill upper div CAS credit with the class you are bound to find something better, an upper div art class maybe?

I have heard good things about askay and ballie as far as PHL goes.

I had PHL 220 with Hogan, it is a purely lecture based class she is very traditional conservative, and does not deal well with her opinions being challenged-she's kinda all high and mighty/stuck up (if you can't tell already I didn't have a good experience)- she is also very very strict about attendance so if you are a class skipper its only offered at 810 or 1120. The nice thing about the class is that she pretty much points out the pages and quotes you need to know for her tests, but to be able to talk in class its good to have skimmed the reading. Her tests are done in 2 parts, the essay is take home and it works best to go off of what she says in class on most of them for good grades, and the other portion is MC in class based on the readings and definitions.

Hopefully this helps