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19 October 2008 @ 11:30 pm
No idea if anyone still reads this comm anymore, but I'll give it a shot just in case...
Anyone have suggestions about classes I *have* to take before graduating from UP? In particular, I still need to take a 300 level PHL class, but I'm also curious if anyone has taken anything really good that I should check out. Cheers!
mmoonstarsmmoonstars on October 20th, 2008 09:58 pm (UTC)
hrm, the one about the problem of being (bad, makes your head hurt and is a 3 hr 7-10 class)

I have heard that philosophy of religion isn't bad. I would say that philosophy classes are very professor driven so when the schedule for next semester comes out I would go over who teaches what and thier ratings on rate my professor and what other kids have to say about them and make your descion based on that.
As far as other classes check out descriptions in the bulletin of course there are a few I glanced at that seem fun.

There is a cool stress reduction HPE 491 class too that would be a fun "bird" course for your last semester at UP and actually useful although probably coming to you a little late in your college career, you get to learn about stress and actually do the relaxation techniques in class instead of just book knowledge which is cool, and the prof is sweet and really easy overall.

If you like history (I have no clue what your major is) take an Eifler history class he's awesome, even if it's just to audit I'm sure you will learn a ton.

I have heard that photography (especially)/ceramics although they can both be a bit time consuming are really fun.